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Cookbook review: California-American Cookbook

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

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Tell friends about this blog entry

No recipe I’ve ever tried from this cookbook has ever gone wrong.

I’m not the neatest cook, so my results don’t always look beautiful, but everything I’ve made according to these recipes has tasted wonderful.

Take, for example, this Blackberry Sour Cream Pie:

Even the crust came out well, and I am not any good at pie crust. This crust rolled out without ripping. It was flaky on the sides and the bottom absorbed lots of delicious blackberry juices. Amazing.

The blackberries were volunteers, found on the side of a road. They were on the tart side, so I marinated them in a bunch of sugar before I went on and followed the recipe. Oh, and, nowhere near the requisite 3 – 4 cups of blackberries had volunteered. So I threw in some cherries and plums who volunteered earlier this summer and had been frozen. But just a few.

Anyway, the pie did not last long.

Other really excellent recipes in the cookbook that I’ve cooked include:

  • Lemon-Caraway Green Beans
  • Basil Pasta With Two Salmons
  • Mixed Mushrooms With Vermont Cheddar
  • Guacamole Soup

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