Trip report: Amish Friendship Bread

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Tell friends about this blog entry

I sent the following out to my Freecycle group the other day, Day 7 of our latest Amish Friendship Bread adventure:

My daughter’s friend met her the other day, and, smiling, said, “I have something special for you.” and handed her a bag of Amish Friendship Bread starter. Which means that said well-intended friend is not very far along in her Amish Friendship Bread journey.

So we now have a starter at Day 7, and in about 4 or 5 days, it will split into four little babies, each of which will multiply like bunnies and pretty soon our home will be overrun with fattening cakes and the smell of cinnamon. Which is why we have resolved to terminate this particular branch on the Amish Friendship Bread family tree quite abruptly, after we’ve baked the first iteration. UNLESS some of you fine folks would like a packet of starter when it next becomes available, which will be soon.

Please let me know if you would like to at least experience this interesting flashback to 1950s America.

Also serves as a GREAT lesson in exponential growth.

You would need to take possession of the starter promptly when it becomes available. What you do with it once it’s yours, I do not need to know.

Freecyclers from near and far responded, mostly with condolences.

One helpful soul pointed out the obvious: We did not have to keep a starter for ourselves. We COULD just bake all the babies into tasty coffee cakes and freeze what we could not eat.

We would then have NO STARTER to foist upon an unwilling Universe, but we would have many yummy cakes to eat when we are hungry.

So here we are, on Day 10: Baking Day

  • One bag of starter is going to an intrepid Freecycler who has promised she knows exactly what she's getting into.
  • One bag is going to a friend who, I fear, is in denial about what she is getting into.
  • One bag was used to make two yummy coffeecakes, one of which will soon be given away. I found a recipe that does not require me to use vanilla pudding mix. Vanilla pudding mix, in fact, pudding of any variety, is not an ingredient I would ever choose to have in my pantry.
  • I will (!!!!) keep one bag of starter, since I now know I can and will kill it off and eat it at any time I care to.

One Response to “Trip report: Amish Friendship Bread”

  1. emily says:

    Well, did the second baking a few days ago. Did not give away any starters, so I baked three batches and kept one starter.

    It took me over three hours to bake 6 gigantic cupcakes (chocolate chip), one peach coffeecake, and one regular coffeecake (but without pudding). Yummy, but way too much. I gave away the peach coffeecake, froze the other coffeecake, and still haven’t eaten all the cupcakes.

    Think that next time will be the last.