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Book review: Through Wolf’s Eyes

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

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Tell friends about this blog entry
Author:Jane Lindskold
Reading Level (Conceptual):Children 12 and up
Reading Level (Vocabulary):Children 8 and up
Year of publication:2002

This is a book about a girl who was brought up by wolves, before being "rescued" by "civilized" people. The catch is that they think she is next in line to the throne of an ailing king. As her new friends try to teach her manners and human customs, a war is breaking out, and traitors work against everyone but themselves.

Interesting book, although not well written. It is cool to be in the mind of a wolf looking in on the silliness of human politics.

Note: I would not recommend this for people under 12 or 13. The story includes a couple of Very Intense scenes. In one, a rape is planned and then attempted. There are also lengthy descriptions of bloody, deadly battles.

-- Fizzy, age 14

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