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Book review: Tuck Everlasting

Friday, June 26th, 2009

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Tell friends about this blog entry
Author:Natalie Babbitt
Reading Level (Conceptual):Children 12 and up
Reading Level (Vocabulary):Children 8 and up

This is a beautifully written book about a family of people who never age and never die.

From the perspective of 10-year-old Winnie, Babbitt shows us many details rich with color and motion that Winnie notices at first only through the bars of her fence. As she strays out of her yard for the first time, she comes to know the Tucks, who enchant her (as well as us).

I LOVE this book, and recommend it to anyone, of any age! Although it is rather sad, it has a very satisfying ending. (Even though I wish the story went on and on.)

-- Fizzy

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