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7 books met your specifications:

TitleAuthorConceptual difficulty ageVocabulary difficulty ageGenreYear of publication

Angus and the DucksMarjorie FlackChildren 5 and underChildren 5 and underfiction1930
 Doesn't rhyme so harder to memorize; funny; cool pictures; not cutesy; some pretty hard words keep it interesting
  In context....

Fly Went By, A Mike McClintockChildren 5 and underChildren 5 and underfiction1958
  In context....

Harold and the Purple CrayonCrockett JohnsonChildren 5 and underChildren 5 and underfiction1931
 Doesn't rhyme so harder to memorize; funny; cool pictures; not cutesy; some pretty hard words keep it interesting
  In context....

Important Book, TheMargaret Wise BrownChildren 5 and underChildren 5 and underfiction1949
 Doesn't rhyme so harder to memorize; not cutesy; some pretty hard words in surprising configurations

Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly BusBarbara ParkChildren 5 and underChildren 5 and underfiction1992
 We are Junie B. Jones fans. They were WAY too easy for the 6 year old to read, so we read them to her. We didn't realize how controversial they might be until our daughter's grandfather was asked to read them to her while vacationing with us last winter. At first, he was so upset by Junie's "appalling" speech patterns and behavior that he tried to clean them up. But you really can't clean it up enough, because aside from her juvenile language, Junie B. also pushes the envelope in regards to her behavior. Finally, Grandpa rebelled and has refused to read Junie B. books to our daughter ever since.
That's why there's chocolate and vanilla. Luckily, there are lots of books in this world. Our daughter also really likes us to read her Ramona, Song Lee and Horrible Harry.


SummerlandMichael ChabonChildren 5 and underChildren 8 and upFantasy2002
 Very long tribute to the magical powers of baseball to heal divisions between people and damage to the Earth. Intense enough so that my daughter who is not exceptionally interested in baseball kept having to check back with me to reassure herself that the story really would end in a satisfactory way (happily, that is). It also kept her intensely interested, and it gave her a new -- awe for -- the concept of the "Coyote".  
  In context....

Tao of Pooh, TheBenjamin HoffChildren 12 and upChildren 5 and underNon-fiction, philosophy1983
 Not difficult to read, but explains some very interesting ideas in a humorous way.
  In context....

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