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Books about educating the gifted

If you're going to get one book and your child is in school, get this one

Teaching Gifted Kids in the Regular Classroom : Strategies and Techniques Every Teacher Can Use to Meet the Academic Needs of the Gifted and Talented
by Susan Winebrenner, Pamela Espeland (Editor)

Other highly recommended titles

And here's a nice, long list ...

  • Able Children in Ordinary Schools
    by Deborah Eyre
  • Academic Acceleration of Gifted Children (Education and Psychology of the Gifted Series)
    by W. Thomas Southern, Eric D. Jones (Editor)
  • Academic Competitions for Gifted Students : A Resource Book for Teachers and Parents
    by Mary K. Tallent-Runnels, Ann C.Candler-Lotven
  • Annemarie Roeper : Selected Writings and Speeches
    by Annemarie Roeper, et al
  • Applying Multiple Intelligences To Gifted Education : I'm Not Just An IQ Score!
    by Colleen Willard-Holt, Dan Holt /Spiral-bound
  • Barefoot Irreverence: A Guide to Critical Issues in Gifted Child Education
    by James R. Delisle
  • Gifted Children : Myths and Realities
    by Ellen Winner
  • Books for the Gifted Child (Serving Special Needs Series) Vol 2 Gail Nelson, Paul Hauser
  • The Challenge of the Able Child
    by David George
  • Challenging the More Able Language User
    by Geoff Dean
  • Challenging the Potential : Programs for Talented Disadvantaged Youth
    by Sherri Oden, et al
  • Children Above 180 IQ : Standford-Binet Origin and Development
    by Leta Stetter Hollingworth
  • Cognition in Special Children : Comparative Approaches to Retardation, Learning Disabilities, and Giftedness
    by John G. Borkowski, Jeanne D. Day (Editor)
  • Competence and Responsibility : The Third European Conference of the European Council for High Ability Held in Munich (Germany, October 11-14, 1992) Vol 1
    by Ernst A. Hany, Kurt A. Heller (Editor)
  • Comprehensive Curriculum for Gifted Learners
    by Joyce Vantassel-Baska(Editor)
  • Coping With Being Gifted (Coping)
    by Lawrence Clayton, Sharon Carter
  • Counseling Gifted and Talented Children : A Guide for Teachers, Counselors and Parents (Creativity Research)
    by Roberta Milgram(Editor)
  • Counseling the Gifted and Talented
    by Linda Kreger Silverman(Editor)
  • Creating Programs for the Gifted : A Guide for Teachers, Librarians, and Students
    by Corinne P. Clendening
  • Creative Teaching of the Gifted
    by Dorothy Sisk
  • Creative Strategies for Teaching the Gifted (Gifted Treasury Series)
    by Jeanette Parker, Sally Dobyns
  • Creative Thinking and Problem Solving in Gifted Education
    by J. Feldhuse
  • Creativity, Talent, and Personality : An Exploratory Investigation of the Personalities of Gifted Adolescent Artists
    by Emanuel Hammer
  • Crossover Children : A Sourcebook for Helping Children Who Are Gifted and Learning Disabled
    by Marlene Bireley
  • Curriculum Activities for Gifted and Motivated Elementary Students
    by Artie Kamiya, Alan J. Reiman (Editor)
  • Curriculum Development for the Gifted
    by C. June Maker
  • Curriculum Development in Education of the Gifted
    by C. June Maker, Aleene B. Nielson
  • Defensible Programs for the Gifted
    by C. June Maker (Editor)
  • Diverse Populations of Gifted Children : Meeting Their Needs in the Regular Classroom and Beyond
    Starr Cline, Diane Schwartz Published 1999
  • The Drama of the Gifted Child: The Search for the True Self
    by Alice Miller
  • Dreamers, Discoverers and Dynamos : How to Help the Child Who Is Bright, Bored and Having Problems in School
    by Lucy Jo Palladino
  • Educating the Able (Special Needs in Ordinary Schools)
    by Diane Montgomery
  • Educating the Gifted and Talented: Resource Issues and Processes for Teachers
    by Catherine Clark, Ralph Callow
  • Education of the Gifted and Talented
    Gary A. Davis, Sylvia Rimm (Contributor) Published 1997
    This up-to-date and well- organized best-seller begins with an overview of current issues and proceeds to characteristics of gifted students, program planning, and identification issues and methods. The problem of underachievement is covered as well as the challenges of parenting, understanding, and counseling gifted children.
    MARKET: Designed for teachers and administrators who are seeking to teach gifted children, or to develop or enhance a program for gifted children.
  • Excellence and Equality : A Qualitatively Different Perspective on Gifted and Talented Education
    (Frontiers in Education Ser.) David M. Fetterman Published 1988
  • Exceptionally Gifted Children : What Research Tells Us (a pamphlet)
    Miraca U. M. Gross Published 1995
  • Extraordinary Young People (Extraordinary People) Marlene Targ Brill / School & Library Binding / Published 1996 Card catalog description: Biographical accounts of remarkable individuals in history who achieved noteworthy goals at an early age, from young warrior and Mongol leader Genghis Khan to nine-year-old world chess champion Nawrose Nur.
  • The Faces of Gifted : A Resource for Educators and Parents Nancy L. Johnson Published 1989
  • Finding and Helping the Able Child Trevor Kerry Published 1983
  • Flexible Pacing for Able Learners Neil Daniel, June Cox Published 1988
  • Fostering the Growth of High Ability : European Perspectives (Creativity Research) A. J. Cropley(Editor), Detlev Dehn (Editor) Published 1996 Booknews, Inc. , May 1, 1996:
    A collection of 47 reprints from the European Journal for High Ability describing education research with high ability students in both Western and Eastern Europe. The discussions provide insights into the philosophies and cognitive issues of fostering gifted individuals, methods of promoting musical talent, the relationship of sport training and psychotherapy, and the role of schools in enhancing or limiting the development of high ability children. Includes graphs and statistical tables. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.
  • The Gifted : Developing Total Talent Joseph P. Rice Published 1985
  • Gifted Kids Speak Out : Hundreds of Kids Ages 6-13 Talk About School, Friends, Their Families, and the Future James R. De Lisle(Compiler), et al /Paperback / Published 1987
  • Gifted and Talented in Art : A Guide to Program Planning Al Hurwitz Published 1983
  • Gifted and Talented in Art Education Stanley S. Madeja(Editor) Published 1983
  • Gifted Children Frank Laycock Published 1978
  • Gifted Children Growing Up Joan Freeman Published 1991
  • Gifted Education : Identification and Provision (Resource Materials for Teachers) David George Published 1995
  • Gifted Education and Middle Schools Paperback / Published 1996
  • The Gifted Kids Survival Guide : A Teen Handbook Judy Galbraith, et al Published 1996
  • Growing Up Gifted : Developing the Potential of Children at Home and at School Barbara Clark Published 1997 From The publisher, Prentice-Hall Career & Technology: One of the leading books in the field, this edition offers the most interesting, information-packed introduction available to the characteristics of the gifted and talented children. From the Back Cover: KEY BENEFIT: A significant revision of one the best-selling books for gifted education. KEY TOPICS: This new edition is shorter, more practical and each chapter now begins with a case study. There is also a new, first chapter that explores and explains the controversy surrounding the definition of giftedness and the gifted child's right to special programs. Throughout the latter half of the book, the authpor provides a multitude of teach strategies appropriate for students of all ages.
  • Gifted or Able? : Realizing Children's Potential (Children With Special Needs Series) Peter Young, Colin Tyre Published 1992
  • Goodness Personified : The Emergence of Gifted Children (Social Problems and Social Issues) Leslie Margolin Published 1994
  • Growing Up Gifted : Developing the Potential of Children at Home and at School Barbara Clark Published 1991
  • Guide to Teaching a Science Curriculum Joyce Vantassel-Baska(Editor), Center for Gifted Education Staff (Editor) Published 1997
  • Guiding the Gifted Child : A Practical Source for Parents and Teachers; James T. Webb, et al
  • Handbook for Differential Education of the Gifted : A Taxonomy of 32 Key Concepts Hans G. Jellen, John R., Jr. Verduin Published 1986
  • Handbook of Gifted Education
    by Nicholas Colangelo(Editor), Gary A. Davis (Editor)
    From the Back Cover: KEY BENEFIT: This is the most complete book in the field of gifted education. The contributors are all well known scholars in gifted education. KEY TOPICS: The book covers all the main topics in the field and contains an excellent balance of research and practical applications. The contributors are the leading people in the field of gifted education. Chapters contain case studies and scenarios designed to bring out the lives of gifted children. Deals with counseling the gifted as well as social and emotional issues. Covers gifted/disabled. MARKET: For professionals working with the gifted.
  • Helping Students Develop Investigative, Problem Solving, and Thinking Skills in a Cooperative Setting : A Handbook for Teachers, Administrators and cu John R., Jr Verduin, Hans G. Jellen Published 1996
  • Helping Gifted Children Soar: A Practical Guide for Parents and Teachers
    by Carol Ann Strip, Gretchen Hirsch
  • Humanities Education for Gifted Children : A Differentiated Instruction Guide for Teachers and Administrators (Genesis Series) Michael E. Walters Published 1984
  • The Hunter College Campus Schools for the Gifted : The Challenge of Equity and Excellence (Education and Psychology of the Gifted Series, No 8) Elizabeth Stone Published 1992
  • In Search of Perspective Jean Watts Published 1989
    Mike Peters, Pulitzer Prize Winning Editorial Cartoonist and Creator of Mother Goose and Grimm "What Doonesbury did for college students, what Charlie Brown did for everyman, Jean Watts is doing for gifted children, their parents and teachers. Her views of life around her are refreshing, novel and insightful, and her cartoons help us maintain a sense of perspective and humor in a world that badly needs both." Book Description: Jean Watts' cartoons present humorous views on parent and teaching, with thought-provoking insights into life with a precocious child. About the Author: Jean Watts, M.A. teaches gifted and talented students in Maine, where she lives with her husband, four children, two dogs and two cats, and often wonders if there is life after dog hair and laundry. She conducts workshops at national and state conferences on gifted and talented children and is the author of the widely acclaimed Off Hours.
  • Language Arts for Gifted Middle School Students (Teaching Resources in the Eric Databases) Susan J. Davis, Jerry L. Johns Published 1990
  • Managing the Social and Emotional Needs of the Gifted : A Teacher's Survival Guide Connie C. Schmitz(Contributor), Judy Galbraith Published 1985
  • Mathematics Projects (Learning on Your Own : Individual, Group, and Classroom Research Projects for Gifted and Motivated Students, Unit Iv)Phil Schlemmer, Patricia A. Sussman Published 1987
  • The Origins and Development of High Ability(Ciba Foundation Symposium, No 178) Gregory R. Bock, Kate Ackrill (Editor) Published 1993 The publisher, John Wiley & Sons: Written for psychologists, educational psychologists and developmental biologists, this volume explores the concept of giftedness, including its definition, origins and development. The author offers a balanced view of the topic and presents optimal educational strategies for various kinds of high ability. The effects of both environmental and biological/genetic factors on a student's level of giftedness are also discussed, as is the question of whether gifted people can be created.
  • Out of Our Minds : Anti-Intellectualism and Talent Development in American Schooling (Education and Psychology of the Gifted Series ; 9) Craig B. Howley, et al Published 1995
  • Planning and Implementing Programs for the Gifted Paperback / James H. Borland Published 1989
  • Planning Effective Curriculum for Gifted Learners Joyce Vantassel-Baska Published 1992
  • Program Design and Development for Gifted and Talented Students Paperback / Published 1988
  • Programs for the Gifted in Regular Classrooms (Critical Issues in Gifted Education, Vol 3) C. June Maker(Editor) Published 1992
  • Psychology and Education of the Gifted Walter Burke Barbe(Editor) Published 1981
  • Reaching the Gifted : A Resource Book for Affective Development (Curriculum Series, 51) Barbara Dixon Published 1986
  • Recommended Practices in Gifted Education : A Critical Analysis (Education and Psychology of the Gifted Series) Bruce M. Shore, et al Published 1991
  • Resources for Educating Artistically Talented Students Gilbert A. Clark, Enid D. Zimmerman Published 1987
  • Schooling the Gifted Laurence Coleman Published 1985
  • Serving Gifted and Talented Students : A Resource for School Personnel Judy L. Genshaft, et al Published 1995
  • Smart Kids : How Academic Talents Are Developed and Nurtured in America William G. Durden, Arne E. Tangherlini Published 1993
  • Social and Emotional Development of Exceptional Students : Handicapped and Gifted Carroll J. Jones Published 1992
  • The Social and Emotional Development of Gifted Children: What Do We Know?
    by Maureen Neihart (Editor), et al
  • Some of My Best Friends Are Books : Guiding Gifted Readers from Preschool to High School Judith Wynn Halsted Published 1995
  • Systems and Models for Developing Programs for the Gifted and Talented
    by Joseph S. Renzulli (Editor)
  • Talent for the Future : Social and Personality Development of Gifted Children F. Monks Published 1992
  • Talent in Context : Historical and Social Perspectives on Giftedness Reva C. Friedman(Editor), Karen B. Rogers (Editor) Published 1998
  • Talented : Strategies for Developing the Talent in Every Learner (Gifted Treasury) Jerry D. Flack, Gray Graeber Miller (Illustrator) Published 1993
  • Talented Children and Adults : Their Development and Education Jane Piirto Published 1998 The publisher, Prentice-Hall Career & Technology: This text focuses on factors that encourage talent from birth through adulthood. Based on the latest research in cognition and development, Talented Children and Adults takes into account the latest school reform initiatives, and explores the many ways teachers of the talented can use such strategies as cooperative learning, outcome-based education, authentic assessment, and individual education plans. Included are actual curriculum units and educational plans, plus case studies involving real students. The author brings to this text fifteen years of experience in the field of education of the gifted and talented...which, combined with a readable, conversational writing style and a well-focused presentation, creates a practical text that gives future teachers a solid foundation for working with talented individuals. From the Back Cover: KEY BENEFIT: This extremely comprehensive book takes a developmental approach to giftedness and to talent development in all domains. KEY TOPICS: This book is designed to cover both the characteristics of gifted students and to present important information on how to teach them. It contains the latest results of federal research projects, suggestions for inclusion, and definitions of who is gifted and talented. MARKET: General educators.
  • Teaching and Counseling Gifted and Talented Adolescents
    by Roberta M. Milgram, et al
  • Teaching the Gifted Child James J. Gallagher, Shelagh Gallagher(Contributor) Published 1994
  • Teaching Gifted and Talented Learners in Regular Classrooms Roberta M. Milgram(Editor) Published 1989
  • Teaching Models in Education of the Gifted C. June Maker, Aleene B. Nielson Published 1995
  • Teaching Teenagers and Living to Tell About It : Gifted Students and Other Creatures in the Regular Classroom (Gifted Treasury Series) Pamela Everly Published 1992
  • Teaching the Gifted and Talented in the English Classroom William Walter, West Published 1980
  • Teaching the Gifted and Talented in the Middle School Jill D. Wright Published 1983
  • Teaching the Gifted and Talented in the Science Classroom (Nea's Teaching the Gifted and Talented in the Content Areas Series) William D. Romey Published 1987
  • Teaching the Gifted and Talented in the Social Studies Classroom Paul D. Plowman Published 1980
  • Teaching the Gifted Child Hardcover / Published 1994
  • Toward Excellence in Gifted Education Paperback / Published 1985
  • Why Give 'Gifts' to the Gifted? : Investing in a National Resource Lita Linzer Schwartz Published 1994
  • Windows of Opportunity : Mathematics for Students With Special Needs Carol A. Thornton, Nancy S. Bley (Editor) Published 1994

    Out of print, but recommended

  • The Abilities of Gifted Children Edwina D. Pendarvis, et al Published 1989
  • Able Children, Identifying Them in the Classroom
    by Denton
  • The Doubtful Gift : Strategies for Educating Gifted Children in the Regular Classroom
    Ken W. McCluskey, Keith D. Walker Published 1986
  • Educating Able Learners : Programs and Promising Practices June Cox Published 1985
  • Education of the Gifted in Europe : Theoretical and Research Issues (European Meetings on Educational Research, Part A : Vol 28)Franz J. Monks, et al Published 1992
  • Enrichment Through Creative Arts
    Claire S. Kraus Published 1984
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