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Girl With a Pearl Earring: Reviewed

Author:Tracy Chevalier
Reading Level (Conceptual):Sophisticated readers
Reading Level (Vocabulary):Sophisticated readers
Year of publication:1999

Fictionalized biography of Vermeer told from the point of view of a servant girl in his household.

Fizzy writes:

I read the book, The Lady and the Unicorn, by Tracy Chevalier about a year ago. I enjoyed Girl With a Pearl Earring more. I think that was because I felt a lot more engrossed of the history of the time and place.

The story is Chevalier's theory about how the painting "Girl with a Pearl Earring" was created. It's set in Delft, Holland, and the descriptions of the city and culture, especially pertaining to class boundaries and the "rules" intrigued me.

Adult content: For mature readers, not for language, but for plot events.

The movie based on this book is very evocative. Although we mostly prefer books to any movie they resemble, this particular movie did add to our understanding of what was entailed in the mixing of paints and in general about how daily life looked in those days.

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