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With Or Without You: Reviewed

Author:Carole Matthews
Reading Level (Conceptual):For grown-ups
Reading Level (Vocabulary):For grown-ups
Year of publication:2005

"There are pink tents and pink high-heels on the cover of that book, Mom. Are you reduced to reading chic-lit?," my most opinionated daughter demanded. Don't know how exactly I ended up reading With Or Without You, but there I was. And, once you start reading a book like this, it's easier to just finish it than it is to put it down.

And, yes, the standard required elements of chic-lit are provided:

  • Insecure heroine
  • So-so job
  • Unfulfilling romantic life
  • Moralistic philosophizing

The thing that struck me about the plot was that the author must have been able to pay for at least one, possibly several, trips to the Himalayas, perhaps from the profits on her previous pink best-seller and she did clearly learn from those trips. And, no doubt, she with clear conscience deducted the full costs of all those trips once the book was published.

So, not the best book I ever read, but might prove inspirational for aspiring young women authors.

-- Emily Berk

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