Book review: Seeing & Writing 2

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Author:Donald McQuade
Reading Level (Conceptual):College-prep
Reading Level (Vocabulary):College-prep
Year of publication:2003

The Seeing and Writing book is a very different book. It too is a book for the entry level college (or perhaps advanced high school?) writer. The over all premise of the book is that we live in a real world where visual text messages have as much, if not more, sway than a full page of text. Certainly, it is a much more interesting book to read and look through and does not pretend to hold the act of writing to a separate standard... a higher standard... than visual images. Rather, the book attempts to have the reader ponder the significance of visual images, text images, and the power of linking the two.

The "voice" of the text is much more savvy. Perhaps a tad too trendy for my country bumpkin kids. I am being somewhat selective on which subjects/essays I will have my two work with in the text. There are several exercises in the book that I think my highly visual kids will respond to. The book is also linked to a website which nicely extends the text.
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