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Solutions Integrator Magazine

OLAP (Good Things come in Analytical Packages) Solutions Integrator April/98
Healthcare & Voice Recognition: Just what the Doctor Ordered Solutions Integrator June/98
Healthcare & Thin Client Computing (Community Memorial Healthcare Hospital) Solutions Integrator June/98
Healthcare (LanVision/ASP) -- Imaging at Internet Prices Solutions Integrator June/98
Voice & Wireless Technology in Healthcare Solutions Integrator June/98
Microsoft Mainstreams OLAP   Solutions Integrator October/98
RAD grows up Solutions Integrator March/98
Start a Supply Chain Reaction Solutions Integrator June/98
Java Perks Solutions Integrator June/98

VAR Business Magazine

Java Beyond the Web -- Will the much-heralded language live up to its portability promise?
VAR Business, March 17, 1997, Issue: 1304

Special Report: 5 Software Megatrends -- Key programming changes that will help you build the next killer application

VAR Business, July 15, 1997, Issue: 1312

Y2K (the story of Jerry Goedicke). InfoVAR Sept/97

Reseller Management Magazine

Workgroup Computing Leads to Groupware. Reseller Management Oct/99

Multimedia VARs (two case studies -- Bell Atlantic/Source Digital Systems & Natural Software). Reseller Management Sept. 95

Filling the Notes Gap "How Cheaper Group Conferencing can Help Move your Clients beyond e:Mail". Reseller Management Sept./95

Cracking the Remote Access Security Bonanza. Reseller Management Aug/95

Healthcare & Mobile Computing. "Automation Outbreak! Finding the Right Rx for Healthcare. Reseller Management June/95

Resellers find Alternatives to Visual Basic. Reseller Management May/95

Client/Server Computing; the Promise and the Peril. Reseller Management Mar/95

Time to get into Object-Oriented Programming. Reseller Management Feb/94

Networking Multimedia. Reseller Management April/94

Penetrating the fog of Windows Integration Tools (the state of OLE 2.0). Reseller Management October/93

Memo from the Front : Windows NT and you. Reseller Management Jul/ 93

Accounting and Windows Integration "an Adventure to Cairo". Reseller Management June/93

Groping for Groupware. Reseller Management May/93

UNIX will it survive the purchase of USL by Novell. Reseller Management April/93

e-Mail: Corporate Customers are Getting the Message. Reseller Management March/93

Alternate Graphical User Interfaces. Reseller Management Feb/93

32-bit Operating Systems -- Off to the Races. Reseller Management Jan/93

The Promise and Peril of Networking Windows. Reseller Management August/92

Magneto Optical drives what Price Mobility. Reseller Management May/92

Market Analysis "Riding the wave of Windows Prosperity-- Promises of Software to Come". Reseller Management Oct/91


Hypertext/Hypermedia Handbook McGraw Hill Publishing 1991

We put The Hypertext/Hypermedia Handbook together a while back, before most people had heard about the Web. The suggestions we and our contributors made about how to structure information so it can be retrieved effectively electronically are more valid now than ever. Unfortunately, the book has been out of print for some time now. We do have some copies; let us know if you'd like to purchase one (we'll even sign it if you choose). We'll publish an electronic version sometime in the third millennium. Until then, here are some (recent!) citings:

TCP/IP Unleashed

TCP/IP Unleashed, for which we contributed a chapter, was listed in dbaker's Picks. dbaker claims, "All of these books are cooler than nugget's picks." What can we say? Some of our admirers just happen to be nerds. You can find TCP/IP Unleashed at


e-Mail Buyer's Guide (& benchmarks). Personal Computing June/90

PC Fax Card Buyer's Guide (& benchmarks). Personal Computing Jan/90

Business Graphics Buyer's Guide (& benchmarks). Personal Computing Feb/90

Word Processor Buyer's Guide (& benchmarks). Personal Computing Aug/90

PC Week Magazine

Special Report: Jump from Topic to Topic with Hypertext. PC Week March/89

Another Sun Also Rises Over Unix Developers With Release of Sun 386i
PC Week, September 26, 1988

Laser Printer Buyer's Guide (& benchmarks). Personal Computing Dec/89

FoxPro review. Personal Computing Dec/89

CAD Software Buyer's Guide (& benchmarks). Personal Computing May/89

Personal Computing Jan/89
Accounting Software Buyer's Guide (& benchmarks)

Spreadsheet Buyer's Guide (& benchmarks). Software Digest 1985

Transform Magazine

Electronic Banking, Remittance & Payment Systems July 2001

Imaging Business Magazine

Special Report on Imaging in Banking: Imaging Business Magazine Jan/97

Breaking into Banks. Imaging Business Dec/96
Component Imaging. Imaging Business Aug/96

Visual Basic: Driving Imaging Towards a Component Architecture Model. Imaging Business June/95
Imaging Provides Long-range Payoffs. Reseller Management March/95

Book Reviews for Electronic Review of Computer Books

Java for C/C++ Programmers
Programming Windows 95 with MFC
MFC Internals


High Tech on the Coast

Armadillos originated and write a series profiling interesting (real-life) characters in a small coastside community for a local rag:

And, Not So high tech on the coast


Nextera Web Page 1998

Brew-Ha-Ha Manual May/97

Spring Dance Festival 1994



George Functional Specification 7/95

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