Book review: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Book 5)

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Author:J K (Joanne Kathleen)  Rowling
Illustrator: Mary GrandPré
Reading Level (Conceptual):Children 12 and up
Reading Level (Vocabulary):Children 12 and up
Year of publication:2003

I think this is my favorite of the Harry Potter series so far, but also my least favorite in some ways: Harry, Ron, and Hermione have definitely grown up a lot between books four and five, but they do it in a somewhat annoying fashion.

Although everyone has crushes on everyone else, both Harry and Ron are very oblivious about their own feelings, and others, and what limits that they should push (in terms of girls, and rules, and stupidity).

What I really like about this book is that the themes are broadening. There are a lot of government scandals that make a lot of sense and add an interesting edge to the book, making the series more true-to-life, rather than only focused on one kid's adventures to save the world...

But I really do NOT like the "Hogwarts High-Inquisitor" because she is badly done and annoying. No one is actually that cruel.
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