Book review: My Sister’s Keeper

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Author:Jodi Picoult
Reading Level (Conceptual):Sophisticated readers
Reading Level (Vocabulary):Children 12 and up
Year of publication:2004

I am not very satisfied with the ending to this book. The whole thing is very sad, and Picoult just HAD to add one more horrible twist... ANYway, this book is good, but as I said, horribly depressing, as you may expect from a book about cancer. The idea is that 13-year-old Anna has always been just a vessel of bodyparts to contribute to her leukemic sister for various surgeries, and she decides to sue her parents so she doesn't have to donate a kidney.

The book is narrated by different people, including Anna and her parents, so it gives the reader a nice mix of perspectives. It gets a little bit mushy at times, and is full of tears and yelling and stress, but I really couldn't put it down to finish my math homework til I was done.

Note: Definitely a "mature" book, couple brief sex scenes, swearing...

-- Fizzy

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