Book/musical news: Wicked

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Wonderful piece about the author of the book Wicked

My now-12 yr. old has loved the musical since she first saw it when she was around 9. But we (her parents and older sister) have suggested that she not read the book until she is older, although we agree that the book is much more wonderful than the musical.
— Emily

\”Before seeing the Broadway musical “Wicked” for the 25th time, Gregory Maguire, who wrote the novel “Wicked,” was in the lobby of the Gershwin Theater last month persuading people not to read it. Granted, the people were 9, 10 and 13, and Maguire was telling their respective mothers that the book could be “a destination read for freshman year in college.” But when he saw the girls’ hangdog faces, he conceded that, if their mothers read it first and approved, they might try it at 16 instead. …\”

Mr. Wicked by ALEX WITCHEL

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