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Web Site Design &
Design and implement marketing pages, white papers, and case studies for use in corporate Web sites.
Favorite tools include DreamWeaver, Photoshop and Flash.
Multimedia Production Producer, Cameras & Editing, Mid Coast Television -- I write, film, edit, and produce programs for this local station.
Tech Support -- hardware and software, Mid Coast Television.
Founder/Editor in Chief, -- The source for tips about how to use podcasting, videocasting and streaming to reach out to customers, business partners and employees working for businesses large and small.
Freelance Corporate video producer, Armadillo Assoc
-- Supervise the production, videotaping, and postproduction of corporate video. These days, these productions are typically delivered as streaming video over the internet or corporate intranets. Tools used include Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Encore DVD, Audition, After Effects, Camtasia, Apple QuickTime, and Final Cut Pro.
Video Test Engineer, Pixim -- Pixim produces high-dynamic-range video sensors, processors and development environments. Dozens of camera manufacturers base their high-end video cameras around Pixim's chips and camera designs. As a QA engineer for Pixim I designed, programmed, and ran tests to make sure that the cameras constructed with Pixim technology achieved the high standards worthy of the Pixim name.
Public Relations Information Director/Cofounder, Coastside Film Society
CFS is a five year old, nonprofit corporation that provides filmmakers in the San Francisco Bay area with a venue for screening locally produced video, educational programs, and a place where videographers can share techniques and ideas with other video artists.
Each month I create and publish a variety of publicity pieces about upcoming programs. These include:
• A monthly electronic press kit distributed to Bay Area newspaper and magazine editors.
Postings on news and entertainment blogs and websites (usually submitted as HTML) .
• Short promotional videos aired on TV stations & streamed from the CFS & other websites.
Posters and flyers posted in storefront windows throughout the Bay Area by CFS volunteers.
• Bi- monthly Film Society email postings informing Film Society members of upcoming events.
The CFS website. My company developed this website, which is updated by myself & CFS volunteers working under my supervision.
On the CFS website, you can find:
Listings for upcoming Film Nights.
Streaming video promoting upcoming Film Nights.
A chronological listing of the more than 100 films the CFS has screened since 2002

I have also headed up some documentary filmmaking projects for the group. For example, in 2004, a half dozen camera people spent two days filming the hoopla surrounding the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival. I combined video captured on DV, miniDV, hi-8, VHS-C, and still digital cameras together into a half hour program shown on local TV and movie screens.
Contract Writer Write technical documentation for use in print and digital distribution. Also create marketing brochures, white papers, and case studies for use in press packets. Favorite tools include Microsoft Word, FrameMaker, Photoshop, SnagIt Studio, Acrobat, Premier, and Visio.
Magazine Work West Coast Bureau Chief, Imaging Business and InfoVAR Magazines
  Founding Editor, Software Digest (NSTL) & Commodore Magazines
  Supervisor of Benchmarking Services, Personal Computing Magazine & Software Digest
  Software Editor, Reseller Management Magazine (12 Years on the Masthead)
  Associate Editor, Creative Computing and Data Decisions
  Contributing Editor, InfoWorld, Personal Computing, PC Week (now eWeek) , Solutions Integrator, VARBusiness, San Jose/Silicon Valley Business Journal
Book Authoring Author, New Media Tactics for Business scheduled to be released Summer 2008
Co-Editor, The McGraw-Hill Hypertext/Hypermedia Handbook


Chief Information Officer/Chief Financial Officer, Mt Trexler Manor
As CIO/CFO of this group of psychiatric hospitals I was responsible for implementing computerized billing and tracking systems; Updating policies & procedures; Coordination of TQM (Total Quality Management) program; Coordination & restructure of the organization to meet government regulations and reformat of  medical record systems.
Marketing Director, LAN Services
At the time, LAN Services was the largest reseller of network solutions to brokerages and banks operating on Wall Street.
Group Product Manager/On-Line Shopping & Financial Services, Covidea
(a partnership between AT&T, Chemical Bank, Time Warner and others. We implemented and ran the on-line presence of the companies that funded us.) I was responsible for creation and market testing of home banking, shopping and information services.
Associate Marketing Director, Commodore International


My home office setup currently includes a variety of Windows workstations and servers as well as Novell and Linux servers. As head of benchmarking for a variety of publications, I have had extensive hands-on experience with many operating systems including Windows, NT, Novell, and Unix/Linux variants and many, many applications packages.
Programming Languages
Current in HTML, C, C++ and Java. I have written code in Fortran, Pascal, COBOL, VB, and BAL assembler but it's been a while since I did much with these languages.
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