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Here are two princes discussing themselves, their lives, their loves:






As kind as we’re handsome,

As wise as we’re rich\”

And, here’s Jack, of Jack and the Beanstalk fame, singing about his adventures:

\”There are GIANTS in the sky!

There are big, tall, terrible GIANTS in the sky!\”

In Little Red Riding Hood’s song, after she’s been rescued from the wolf, she explains how much she’s learned from
her near-death experiences:

\”When he said, ‘Come in!\” with that sickening grin, how could I know what was in store?

Once his teeth were bared, though, I really got scared–well, excited and scared–

But he drew me close, and he swallowed me down,

Down a slimy path where secrets lie that I never want to know,

And when everything familiar seemed to disappear forever,

At the end of the path was Granny once again.

So we wait in the dark until someone sets us free,

And we’re brought into the light, and we’re back at the start.

And I know things now, many valuable things, that I hadn’t known before:

Do not put your faith in a cape and a hood,

They will not protect you the way that they should.

And take extra care with strangers, even flowers have their dangers.

And though scary is exciting, nice is different than good.

Now I know: don’t be scared. Granny is right, just be prepared.

Isn’t it nice to know a lot! And a little bit not…\”

The witch’s lament, after Rapunzel escapes from her tower and bad things happen to her:

This is the world I meant.

Couldn’t you listen?

Couldn’t you stay content,

Safe behind walls,

As I Could not?

Now you know what’s out there in the world.

No one can prepare you for the world,

Even I.

How could I, who loved you as you were?

How could I have shielded you from her

Or them…

No matter what you say,

Children won’t listen.

No matter what you know,

Children refuse

To learn.

Guide them along the way,

Still they won’t listen.

Children can only grow

From something you love

To something you lose…

An appreciation of Into the Woods


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