Book review: Green Eggs and Ham

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Author:Dr. Seuss
Reading Level (Conceptual):Learning to read
Reading Level (Vocabulary):Learning to read
Year of publication:1960
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The stupendous thing about Green Eggs and Ham is that it is full of twisty sentences, each of which is slightly different, but each of which has many words similar to words in other sentences. So our daughter (thank goodness) could not memorize the whole book. And we tried to be finicky, very finicky, about her reading every single word and reading it correctly.

Another trick was to read Green Eggs and Ham backwards. Well, not invert every word. But start at the last page, read the whole page and then turn left toward the front cover rather than right toward the back cover. Messing with the logical progression does not interfere much with the meaning of the story, since it is doggerel. (And, actually, given how fussy an eater our daughter is, ending with refusal to try the proferred food is more appropriate for her than \”I will eat green eggs and ham…\”).

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